Britain's Got Talent star ordered to film in Bathgate as Blackburn branded 'a dump'

A CAMERA crew filming Britain's Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle in her hometown of Blackburn were ordered to shoot in nearby Bathgate instead after judge Piers Morgan branded West Lothian town "a dump".

The manager of Susan's local pub where she had a regular live spot told how camera crews were supposed to visit the small village and film in various locations including the community centre.

But when they arrived, the run-down council estate where Susan grew up appalled Piers Morgan.

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Whilst crew members diplomatically described the views as being "too bland", Morgan lashed that "it's a dump" and insisted they moved to the nearby town of Bathgate.

And although Jackie Russell, manager of the Happy Valley Hotel, laughed it off at the time, she is worried that the village will now miss out on its five minutes of fame in tonight's programme.

She said: "They were supposed to come here and film for the show, but Piers said the place was a "dump" so they went up the road and filmed in Bathgate.

"I hope they don't say on the show she's from Bathgate, because she's not.

"She's ours – Blackburn born and bred.

"The whole family were Blackburn born and bred, her mother, her father, everyone.

"It might not be the bonniest, but it is where she's from."

Jackie also revealed that Susan, 48, a devout Catholic who has never even kissed a man, had developed a huge crush for the judge.

She said: "She's always talking about how well her and Piers get on. It's Piers this, Piers that.

"She absolutely loves him."

The singing sensation was described by regulars in the pub as a "modest woman" with the "voice of an angel".

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Jackie said: "Susie is well known in the village and everyone's behind her. There's no doubt about that."

Blackburn is often thought of as a part of Bathgate, but the 5,000 residents are adamant they are a separate village with their own identity.

An ex-mining town, it was given a boost in the 1960's when people moved there to escape over-crowded Glasgow.

But the small population are still close, despite the growing number of new housing estates cropping up on the outskirts.

The village and the others around it seem to merge seamlessly into Bathgate, a booming commuted town with over 16,000 residents.