Land Rovers top boy racers for speed

MOTORISTS’ choice of car may reveal more about their driving habits than they care to think.

A study has revealed Land Rover drivers have the worst record for being caught exceeding the limit.

Research by a price comparison website has found more than one in four drivers of the Land Rover Discovery HSE v6 TD have been prosecuted for speeding.

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One in five of those behind the wheel of the Range Rover Sport HSE TD6 have also fallen foul of the law.

In addition, the study showed Range Rover Sport drivers were among those with the worst record for being caught using a phone or other hand-held device on the road.

Ford owners were also found to be heavy on the pedal, with 20 per cent of S-Max Titanium TDCI drivers being caught speeding, and nearly as many Mondeo Titanium X TDCI drivers. produced the figures after assessing more than 4 million motor insurance quotes issued over the six months to last November. Only vehicles with at least 1,000 quotes were included.

The research also showed drivers of the Ford Galaxy Zetec TDI had the worst record for illegally using hand held devices, with one in 50 being caught.

The Audi A3 FSI t Quattro was worst for running red lights, drivers of the Peugeot 106 GTI “hot hatch” worst for careless driving, and those driving the Citroen Saxo VTR most likely to be caught drink driving.

Owners of the Vauxhall Zafira Design DTI were most likely to be caught with bald tyres, and those with a Vauxhall Astra Coupe caught without insurance

Discovery Owners Club secretary Chris Gorvin said: “As a percentage of drivers caught speeding, Discoverys cannot be that many, as the number on the road is low compared to Golfs or BMWs. I get passed by far more of the latter.”

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Philip Gomm, of the Royal Automobile Club Foundation, said: “In league tables like this someone is always going to be first and worst, but the bigger concern is the huge number of offences being committed.”

Automobile Association president Edmund King, said: “All cars can break statutory speed limits, so the responsibility lies firmly with the driver, whether diving a Ford or Ferrari.”