Vision warning blow for musicians

IT IS a claim which could make pipers think twice about that next military tattoo, and leave brass bands a little brassed off.

Researchers in Glasgow believe playing wind instruments could increase the risk of serious eye problems, which may lead to sight loss, and called for musicians to have regular check-ups.

However, the Royal National Institute of Blind People said the study should not put young people off taking up a musical instrument.

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The research, by Glasgow Caledonian University, found musicians who play brass and woodwind are at increased risk of developing glaucoma. The researchers found playing wind instruments could put the eyeball under significant stress.

Kyle Warren, 22, from Helensburgh, a member of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, said: "This research would not make me stop playing the bagpipes. Music for me is a full-time career so I'd be snookered if I had to give it up."