Scotland's weather: Snow could fall in Scotland next week, warns Met Office

Snow could fall on higher ground in Scotland as temperatures drop next week, forecasters have said.

The Met Office said that from Monday there could be some snow showers over the hills in the Highlands and the Cairngorms.

However, from the middle of next week, temperatures are expected to rise again with a return to wet and windy autumnal conditions.

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The latest predictions come after snow fell in Cairngorms and eastern Highlands late last week.

Winter is coming. The first snow could be in Scotland next week.

Met Office forecaster Annie Shuttleworth said: “From Monday there are some signals of some snow showers over the hills in Scotland, fairly typical for the time of year.

“We’re not expecting snow in any low lying areas. Or any disruption from it.

“That’s just early next week this risk, from midweek onwards, temperatures are looking to return back to closer to average with more wetter and windier typical autumnal weather and no risk of snow.

“It’s relatively short-lived and small risk, nothing that will be too disruptive or that’s unusual.”