Storm Eunice: updates on trains, flights, schools as winds of up to 122mph recorded

The latest updates, photos and videos as the UK is battered by Storm Eunice

Two rare red weather warnings for wind have been issued by the Met Office, with forecasters warning of “significant gusts” up to 90mph.

This could lead to flying debris “resulting in danger to life”, power lines being brought down, and roofs blown off homes.

What has the Met Office said?

The Met Office updated their warning today (18 February):

“The Red Weather Warnings for wind cover some coastal areas towards the southwest, including south Wales, from early on Friday morning, before a separate Red Warning comes into force for much of the south and southeast with similar damaging gusts and disruption expected. Wind gusts in the most exposed coastal areas could be in excess of 90mph, which would bring significant impacts for many and represent a danger to life.

“Further inland and within the wider Amber Warning area, gusts will still be impactful and damaging for many, with 60-70mph gusts likely for many, and 80mph in a few places.”

Storm Eunice - live coverage

Last updated: Friday, 18 February, 2022, 13:40

Weather watchers urged ‘don’t be stupid’

Weather watchers and amateur photographers have been urged not to be “stupid” in pursuit of dramatic footage of Storm Eunice.

People have been warned to avoid the coastline due to large waves and gusts of up to 90mph.

Roy Stokes from the Environment Agency said travelling to the most exposed areas is “probably the most stupid thing you can do”.

He told BBC Breakfast: “The worst possible thing you could do is go anywhere near these (coastal areas).

“I know people like to go and get photos and pictures, it’s quite a dramatic scene, but they’re far safer to watch it on the screen.

“It’s probably the most stupid thing you can do.”

In Cornwall, the Coastguard and police have warned people to stay away from the coast amid reports of people climbing onto seawalls and swimming in the sea.

122mph winds recorded

Gusts of up to 122mph have been recorded at the Needles on the Isle of Wight, although this is an exposed site.

The Met Office said this is provisionally the highest gust ever recorded in England.

At Mumbles Head near Swansea, on the south Wales coast, wind speeds have reached 87mph, while at North Wyke near Dartmoor in Devon they have hit 82mph.

Two red weather warnings are currently in place for strong winds across much of the south coast of England and Wales, with people urged to stay at home due to the “dangerous conditions”.

Fallen trees blocking roads

Fallen trees in Wiltshire have caused one lane of the M4 to be closed between junctions 15 and 16 westbound.

The A303 is blocked near Grately due to a fallen tree, and a car and a lorry have been damaged by a tree in Bath Road, Atworth, Melksham.

A tree has also come down near The Marlborough pub, in High Street, Marlborough, and brought down a stone pillar and street lamp.

Overturned lorry in Wales

A lorry has blown onto its side on the M4 during Storm Eunice in Margam, Wales.

(Photo: Getty Images)

A red weather warning is currently in place for parts of South Wales, with the Met Office warning of strong winds exceeding 90mph.

All rail services in Wales have been suspended and most schools are closed.

Postal deliveries suspended

Royal Mail has said the severe weather has forced deliveries to be suspended in some of the worst affected areas.

Services in areas covered by the red weather warning will not be running.

Two red alerts are currently in place for strong winds across much of the south coast of England and Wales.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “In areas for which the Met Office has issued a red warning, we have had no choice but to suspend deliveries and close our delivery offices.

“In areas covered by an amber warning, we are assessing risk based on local knowledge, and will keep services running where possible.

“We will be reviewing the situation throughout the day, while continuing to prioritise the safety of our staff and customers.”

Parts of London’s O2 Arena roof ‘ripped off’

Parts of London’s O2 Arena roof have been “ripped off” as Storm Eunice blasted the capital.

Footage shared on social media shows some of the white covering on the venue’s roof flapping in the strong winds.

(Photo: PA)

Eye witness Mala Sharma said the damage happened “right in front of my eyes” and what “started off with a patch” quickly turned to a “chunk” of the dome roof ripped off.

The famous building, formerly known as the Millennium Dome, hosts major events including concerts and features restaurants, bars, shops and a cinema.

Two rare red weather warnings for wind are in place across south west England and part of Wales, as well as the east of England.

An amber warning for gusts up to 80mph covers the whole of England from 5am to 9pm on Friday.

Yellow warnings for wind are also in place until 6pm in the Midlands, north east England, north west England, some of Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, as well as in south east England, south west England parts of the West Midlands.

A separate yellow warning for snow is in place for much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England until the same time.

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