Former Top of the Pops host and TV presenter Sarah Cawood diagnosed with breast cancer

The mum-of-two rose to fame in the 90s presenting Top of the Pops and CBBC’s Live & Kicking

TV presenter Sarah Cawood has revealed that she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

The mum-of-two, who is best known for presenting Top of the Pops and CBBC’s Live & Kicking in the 90s, was hit with the diagnosis in August.

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It was a routine mammogram that led Sarah, 50, to discover the shocking news.

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“I got a letter back ­saying they couldn’t give me my screening result back yet,” she said.

“So I had another mammogram and an ultrasound and then they said ‘We’re going to biopsy you’. That’s where they take a bit of tissue from your boob.”

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TV presenter Sarah Cawood has revealed she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

When medics told her the lump they’d found in her breast was cancerous, Sarah said she “did the not watching my children grow up thing” and felt like she’d been “chucked out of the party early”.

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Fortunately, the cancer is not thought to be aggressive and Sarah has been placed at stage-one.

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Her treatment plan includes a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and hormone blockers, and requires her to come off HRT for the menopause which has caused “annoying brain fog”.

But Sarah appeared upbeat, joking that her boobs were ‘epic’ and she “wished she’d got them out more” when she was younger.

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“I could be presenting Strictly Come Dancing by now,” she quipped.



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