Riyadh Khalaf has been crowned winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2020 - this was his winning dish

Riyadh Khalaf was crowned the winner after beating out the competition (Photo: Riyadh Khalaf/Instagram)Riyadh Khalaf was crowned the winner after beating out the competition (Photo: Riyadh Khalaf/Instagram)
Riyadh Khalaf was crowned the winner after beating out the competition (Photo: Riyadh Khalaf/Instagram)

Riyadh Khalaf has been officially crowned the winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2020, beating out the competition in a dramatic finale.

This is everything you need to know about Khalaf and his winning dish.

Who is Riyadh Khalaf?

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Riyadh Khalaf is an Irish-Iraqi broadcaster, internet personality and YouTuber.

He is also an outspoken LGBT activist. He dedicated his dish in the semi-final to his Iraqi father who, after initially struggling to accept having a gay son, now accompanies Kahalf to Pride parades and campaigned for same sex marriage in Ireland.

Kahalf hopes his on-screen presence will have a positive impact on young LGBT+ children, saying, “I think back to when I was a kid watching TV and I had virtually no positive role models who I could look up to.

“I really truly believe that who I am, my identity and my feelings, were a curse and something that needed to be fixed and weeded out, a sickness even at one point.

“I just think if I had had just one person that was respected and admired and talented and just a nice person in an elevated position, I could have looked at that guy, or girl or person and gone: ‘Wow, I can do that too.’”

After finding out he won the show, Khalaf said, “I am absolutely in shock. I can’t believe it, it’s an incredible feeling. This show I have been watching since I was in school and to have gone from being a fan of the show to winning the thing - this is without a doubt the biggest achievement of my life.”

Gregg Wallace, one of the show’s judges, said, “Riyadh has always been flamboyant, he’s always shown creativity and he’s always been passionate. I think Ridyadh’s cooking came of age today.”

John Torode, the other judge on the show, said, “You look at those three dishes and I thought they were restaurant quality. Some people just get better, their food finer but more importantly more and more delicious. A deserved winner.”

What was the winning dish?

On Khalaf’s winning three course menu was:

  • Starter: Monkfish scampi in beer batter with wild garlic mayonnaise and a lemon and onion seed garnish
  • Main: Beef fillet with port shallots, celeriac cream and parmesan tuile
  • Dessert: White chocolate fondant with rhubarb poached in elderflower liqueur, topped with crumbled pistachio and edible flowers

Who else was in the final?

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Alongside Khalaf in the final were two Olympic gold medalists - rower Sir Matthew Pinsent and hockey player Sam Quek - with all three being tasked to present a flawless three course meal to impress the judges.

Unfortunately, Quek was late to finish her dish, even though her three course meal was judged overall as a success by the judges - especially her “stunning dessert” of a mango and passionfruit pavlova.

Pisnet cooked up chicken ravioli to start which was followed by a main of venison done two ways.

Fellow contestant Gethin Jones had to leave the competition part way through the semi-final as he was displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

He wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for all your lovely messages re @MasterChefUK.

"I had symptoms of Covid-19 the morning of the next stage. Absolutely GUTTED… but it was the easiest decision. Would never put anyone at risk. Enjoy the next hour – these guys can cook!!!”

You can catch up on the finale of Celebrity Masterchef 2020 on BBC iPlayer.