Best double bed frames: metal, wooden, upholstered and storage options

Whatever your lifestyle, there’s a double bed frame here to suit

Best double bed frames: metal, wooden, and storage options Best double bed frames: metal, wooden, and storage options
Best double bed frames: metal, wooden, and storage options

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We all know how important a great night sleep is, and many of us purchase a superlative mattress to try insure blissful slumber. But place a great mattress on a shonky bed frame and you’re squandering your pounds. You need a sturdy, elegant, well-constructed frame to help ensure comfort, security and - if you choose well - that your room looks good.

Your double bed will no doubt be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it’s worth choosing wisely and investing in something you really love that’s reflective of your own style.

There are a plethora of bed frames out there, of course, and not all of them are created equal. We’ve taking the time to investigate the market leaders so you can find a stylish sleep solution you love - be it with extra storage, a spell-binding headboard, or even a secret space for a TV.

What is the difference between a divan, ottoman, and slat bed?

Traditional bed frames have four legs, space underneath, and a built-in headboard.

Most bed frames are made of either wood or metal (that may or may not be upholstered). Your primary choice is between a divan or a slat bed. The former is a boxy bed base, while the latter is a frame where the weight of the mattress is supported by a series of slats.

A word on slats:

Slat beds are either sprung or solid. Solid slats are rigid, usually made from a firm wooden material such as pine, have little yield, and offer sturdy back support.

Sprung slats, by contrast, are made from a more flexible material, and thus have more ‘give’ when you lie on them.   The difference between a sprung and solid slat bed comes down to personal preference - whether you’d like a firm feeling bed or something more yielding.

Standard frame or storage bed, metal or wooden frame?

Before you purchase a new double bed, consider what’s most important to you. Do you want an airy feel where you can see under the bed, or is space-saving storage a must-have?

Most standard frames - that are non-divans - offer some storage space, but if you need plenty then there are storage beds listed below. These come with cleverly concealed ottoman storage if you need a bit of extra space.

How much should I spend on a bed frame?

As you’d expect for household furniture, the price range for beds is wide. There are functional and comfortable options for around £200.

However if you’re looking for style, comfy upholstery, or storage options - consider spending around a grand.

While there’s no doubt you can spend thousands and thousands on a new double bed, we’ve included options across the price spectrum, so that you can be sure of a stylish option no matter what your budget.

What are the benefits of a headboard?

Headboards are often built-in to bed frames. They’re handy for propping your head up if you’re sat up in bed. You can buy headboards after purchasing a bed frame - which is useful if you want to change the décor of your room (say, a studded velvet bedroom, or something metallic and modern) but it is more cost effective to purchase a built-in bed frame if you’re after one. 

Check your mattress size

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but if you already have a mattress, check that the sizing marries to the bed frame you are purchasing (or vice versa). Don’t assume standard sizing across brands- check the dimensions to be sure.

The best bed frames for 2022

We’ve included some that can be customised with hundreds of colours and finishes, for those who are looking for an exact match to their existing style. Others have tricks up their sleeve, converting into tables or secreting revealing televisions, as we know that every home has different needs.

Key Specs: Size: 148 x 198 x 110 cm

Storage: No

Customisable: No

Materials: steel framework and rails, mango wood slats, brass foil cladded headboard.

Slats: solid

Assembly required: yes

For a “wow” effect as soon as you come into your bedroom, opt for the show-stopping Ziggy bed from UK furniture brand Swoon Editions.

Inspired by Art Deco design, the brass headboard makes a strong statement, while the clean, simple natural wooden lines on the rest of the bed let the metal do the talking.

Comfort wise, the slats are mango wood, which is hardwood, so it’s a sturdy bed for those who fancy high levels of support. We found assembly straightforward - two of us took an hour to do it.

It’s the perfect choice for those who love a bit of added bling in the home without being too ostentatious.

Key specs: Size: H100 x W149 x L204 cm (also available in king, super king)

Storage: no

Customisable: yes, colours and size

Assembly required: yes

Slats: sprung

We are fans of mattress-in-a-box company Eve, stating in our review that their comfy mattress “makes the mundanity of going to bed feel like an absolute luxury”. Little surprise then that we’re impressed with their bed frame.

It’s a classic, Scandinavian styled bed, built from pine and MDF. Upholstery comes in either smart grey or oat coloured weave, pleasingly neutral options.

A sprung slat bed that’s easy to assemble, it has pleasing yield to lie on, while the upholstered design is cushy and soft in appearance and feel. A padded headboard makes for comfy bed-time reading.

And as a bonus, there’s 19cm of clearance beneath the frame - offering space for storage.

Comes with a five-year warranty.

Key Specs: Size: 135 x 142 x 198 cm (also available in king)

Storage: No

Customisable: No

Assembly required: yes

Slats: sprung

With double beds often costing thousands of pounds, many of us want a stylish option that isn’t going to break the bank. Step in popular furniture brand, which offers stylish, trendy designs at wallet-friendly prices.

At just £230, the Anthea bed offers cool Art Deco flavour, on-trend brass and calming curved steel to add some pizzazz to your bedroom.

It’s sturdy, easy to put together, and the sprung slats are awfully comfy.

We love not only how affordable it is, but how it looks like it costs five times the price.

Comes with a ten year guarantee.

Key specs: Size: 166 x 229 x 101 cm (also available in king, super king)

Storage: no

Customisable: yes, colours, fabric, size, option for matching bench

Assembly required: no. 12 weeks delivery time

Slats: sprung

Hello, elegance. Brooke + Wilde are market leaders for decadent bedframes and this option - the achingly tasteful ‘Duchess’ - is no exception.

Made from cushioning foam and sumptuous, quality fabric, the Duchess is available in 6 different shades. The curved button headboard has Georgian feel while still being fresh. Plush and pillowy, it will make you want to linger in bed all day.

The mattress sits deeply within the frame, making for a delectably cosy experience. It’s a swoon of a bed. Pricey, yes, but you can absolutely feel the money as you lie in it.

Key specs: Size: 235 x 158 x 203 cm (also available in small double)

Storage: loads!

Customisable: no

Assembly required: no.

After a touch of Regency-era glamour in the bedroom, perhaps for a Bridgerton vibe (and all that entails?). Look no further.

In gorgeous steel silver crushed velvet, this ottoman bed will not only look suitably louche in your room but also provide some much needed storage without cluttering things up.

The ottoman can be added to either the left or right side, meaning that you can adapt this bed to suit the bedroom too, and the side opening makes it easy to access.

There’s a high headboard and footboard too, which both feature a beautiful deep buttoned scroll - it’s a bed that looks considerably more expensive than it is.

Key specs: Size: 217x143x115cm

Storage: Yes

Customisable: yes, four colours available

Assembly required: no

If you absolutely love catching up on your favourite shows from the comfort of your bed, but there’s nowhere to put a TV in your bedroom, this is the dream choice for you.

Not just a stylish grey velvet double bed, this option comes with an integrated foot end with a mount for a 32” TV, with a snazzy gas lift mechanism to boot. Just add your own 32” tv for the ultimate in weekend chilling – the smooth mechanism lowers the tv away in the foot base when it’s lights out.

And if the luxurious soft upholstery and integrated telly weren’t enough, it also lifts up to provide loads of ottoman storage underneath. A fabulous all-rounder.

Guarantee: 1 year

Key specs: Size: H134 x W140 x D200cm

Storage: Yes

Customisable: yes, two colours available

Assembly required: no

Slats: solid

We adore the traditional vibe of this solid wrought iron bedframe, which brings to mind the Victorian era. Available in either cream or black, this classic frame is power-coated for reinforced protection: this is a frame built to last. The solid slates are crafted from Scandinavian pine.

It’s a heavy frame, but John Lewis will not only deliver the frame but assemble it for you, so it’s a stress-free option, considering it’s weight. Gorgeous and old-fashioned in the best possible way.

our bedroom without looking too old fashioned. It’s quite expensive, at £795 for a double, although it will be assembled upon delivery by the supplier at no extra cost, which is something you’ll be glad of given the bed’s weight.

Key Specs: Size: W198 x H98 x D253 cm

Storage: No

Customisable: Yes, five colours/finishes available

Mountain chalets are known for being welcoming, warm, inviting and chic. If you’ve ever wanted to bring the chalet vibe into your own home, you need to buy the Eski bed from British furniture retailer Sofology.

Designed in incredibly soft and cosy faux fur, the bed is a dream come true for fans of on-trend teddy fabrics.

Deliciously indulgent, the bed also offers a matching accent chair and footstool if you want to go all out with the faux fur bedroom theme.

Key Specs: Size: H 129 x W 161 x D 220cm (also available in super king)

Storage: No

Customisable: No

Materials: reclaimed wood

Slats: solid

Assembly required: some

This is a frankly gorgeous bed if you enjoy an airy, natural style within your home. The manufacturers claim it has ‘industrial confidence’ but we actually found it exuded a beachy softness, like driftwood.

With a tall headboard and solid footboard, its the definition made from reclaimed timbers (handcrafted, no less) it’s the definition of a statement piece. Incredibly cosy and only requiring minimal assembly.


Key Specs: available in single and king sized

Storage: No

Customisable: No

Materials: ethically sourced pine and oak

Slats: sprung

Assembly required: yes

Simple, ethical, and comfortable: this is a sensible purchase.

With a neutral, Scandi-design style, this bedframe is crafted from ethically sourced pine and oak. The slats are sprung, and an integrated slatted headboard is comfy and stylish(understated is the watchword here).

We liked how the natural wood accents contrast with the main body, which is painted.

Self-assembly is swift and relatively stress free, and the finished product looks and feels professionally constructed.

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