Every Premier League manager and their US Office alter-ego

Every Premier League manager and their US Office alter-ego

American reboots of British comedy classics have been, to put it mildly, more often than not disastrous creations. The Inbetweeners, Peep Show, Gavin & Stacey, and Fawlty Towers are just a handful of chilling examples of where attempts to reproduce UK sitcom gold has gone spectacularly wrong.

By Richie Boon
Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 3:50 pm

'The Office: An American Workplace' broke the mould, capturing the essence of Ricky Gervais' original masterpiece, but moving forward to create its own legacy as a stone cold comedy classic.

Now, you must be wondering what on earth the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin has got to do with the Premier League managers, and that's a fair question.

The answer? Characters. Both the US Office and the English top tier boast a wealth of wildly varying characters, fraught with flaws and complexities - the parallels between the two seemingly disparate institutions are simply crying out to be explored.

And so, allow us to whisk you off to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and present the alternative US Office star cast, with Premier League managers stepping into the iconic roles:

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