SPL Fanzone: Inverness CT

Well, our unbeaten run came shuddering to a halt and what a disappointing way for it to end. In a game that had the makings of a classic, we simply never turned up – and I’m not just talking about the home fans.

We took on a fairly mediocre Celtic side and, apart from a couple of chances in the first half, we never threatened their goal and never looked likely to do so. Maybe the players wanted to sit at home in the warmth and watch it on TV with the fans. That’s certainly the impression that came across from the performance anyway. Even the manager, Terry Butcher, was at a loss to explain the performance. Is it a general Scottish Cup apathy across the country that’s giving some players this ‘it’s only a cup game’ attitude? That’s how it appears anyway. Oh well, there’s to be no cup run for us this season, which is a real shame.

Dave Wilson