‘They are a circus’ - ex-Manchester United ace makes Champions League predictions

Paul Parker has predicted the Champions League round of 16 results.

After we were provided with some terrific watches in the Champions League last week, the European tournament returns tonight for more action-packed TV.

Ex-Manchester United defender, Paul Parker, is preparing to support his former team in their clash with Atletico Madrid tomorrow and has made his predictions for the tie, as well as the rest of the round of 16 ties.

Speaking to NationalWorld on behalf of MyBettingSites, Parker made the following predictions...

Chelsea v Lille

“I can only see that going in one direction to be honest, the way its going with the English sides, they are just strong - very very strong.

Chelsea haven’t been as good domestically but [Thomas] Tuchel will be hoping to make it twice undefeated in the Champions League.

“ I think Chelsea will cruise through that one.”

Villarreal v Juventus

“Villarreal are always difficult to break down but saying that I think it’s always the English sides that seem to struggle against them.

“They’re not the greatest going forward but they don’t give away many. But then I think if you’re looking across two games then you have to look to Juve for that one.”

Benfica v Ajax

“Benfica often have good individuals that are then sold to English clubs.

“They have their moments but again, when it’s over two legs against a side like Ajax, you have to believe Ajax are going to go through.”

Atletico Madrid v Man United

“Atletico are not what they used to be. Yes Liverpool beat them, but you can’t talk about Liverpool and Man United in the same breath at the minute because they’re both at different levels.

“This is going to be a difficult game and I have to look at Atletico Madrid over the two games, just because of how United have been through qualification and they just about scraped through.”

Bayern Munich v RB Salzburg

“Salzburg had their cup final and had the chance to get an historic win at home to Bayern but I really can’t see it happening for them in Munich. I expect Bayern to go through easily.”

Liverpool v Inter Milan

“When Liverpool are playing at Anfield on a week night you just can’t see them getting beat.

“Their fans make such a difference to that team and Inter Milan aren’t going to come back from that.”

Man City v Sporting Lisbon

“I think the problem is the motivation they will have after being so far in front and also it will be interesting to see what the fans are like and whether they will be down beat after the weekend.

“But I’m sure Pep will look at it as a chance to play a few younger players as they are already completely in control. City are going to go through - well all know that, it just depends how they go through.”

Real Madrid v PSG

PSG is a circus isn’t it?

“Their great strength is their defenders, I think. Their problem is up front where they just don’t gel together and there is no cohesion at all. Messi and Mbappe are great, but Neymar is an individual - you just don’t know what you’re going to get from him.

“I don’t think the game is over and I’ve got this funny feeling about Real Madrid. They were poor in the first leg but they benefit from the fact the away goals rules has been scrapped, so the second leg has to open up.

“I’ll stick my neck out and say that Real Madrid are going to go through.”