Eleanor Cannon taking steps in right direction

Having been semi-critical of her in recent weeks, it is only right that Eleanor Cannon, the chair of Scottish Golf, is offered credit where credit is due.
Eleanor Cannon. Picture: John DevlinEleanor Cannon. Picture: John Devlin
Eleanor Cannon. Picture: John Devlin

In the build-up to next month’s first national conference in Edinburgh, Cannon is trying to rally the Areas and Counties. In a letter to those grass-roots organisations, she says that “feedback from the consultation with clubs is a desire for the governing body to pull together with the Counties and Areas to lead the modernisation of the game in Scotland”.

To that end, she reveals some potential changes include a smaller Scottish Golf board, reducing its members to seven due to the current nine-strong one being “cumbersome and top heavy”. Both a “club” and “youth” representative could be on that board going forward, while the new CEO would also sit on it to “increase accountability”.

All steps in the right direction, chair Cannon.