Hearts players paid at last

HEARTS today finally paid the remaining stars who had not received their wages as expected last week.

Several stars, including Bruno Aguiar, Christos Karipidis and Andrew Driver were not paid when the club processed the players' weekly salaries last Friday.

The majority of the squad were paid a few days late on Monday but a number of the players were forced to wait until today to receive their money.

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The wages initially failed to arrive last Friday with the club and officials at Ukio Bankas Investment Group, Hearts' parent company, stating it was simply a time delay and that payments would go through on Monday.

It is the second time in just a matter of weeks that the Hearts players have been forced to wait for their payment.

In September players' wages were delayed by a week and the club's office staff did not receive their monthly wages on time.

At that stage the Tynecastle club blamed an administrative hitch for the delay in payments.

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