Vladimov Romanir on the week in football

THAT Hungarian buffoon makes me angry at times. "Ooh ooh boss, we need a striker. Ooh ooh make it two."

Ooh ooh Mr Peevely, you Magyar monkey, I told him. You've already got Witteveen, Nade, Glen, Elliot . . .

"As I said boss, we need a striker," he replied, smirking. But I will be the judge of that.

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Anyway, off to Easter Road tomorrow. Or at least you lot are. I've got a crucial basketball reserve league fixture to attend.

But I remain fully committed to Hearts, and to the new 50million main stand. As long as loopy Laszlo doesn't demand 50,000 for a bloomin' striker as well . . .

All together now, to my special tune: "We are unbendable, we are unbendable . . . "