Changing tracks: Claire Rutter

Soprano Claire Rutter shares her top five musical moments


Hot Butter

My older brother, Paul, always made me spend my pocket money on music that he wanted. This was the first of my purchases that really hooked me. The Moog synthesiser was in 1972 a novelty – and I'm still drawn to unusual sounds.


Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd)

It was the over-the-top visuals of glam rock that caught my attention – the colours, the crazy make-up, the wacky costumes. Very operatic. Now I'm Mrs Gadd, but not related.

VISSI D'ARTE (from Tosca)

Giacomo Puccini – sung by Renata Scotto

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When my father died in 1980, I immersed myself in this recording from his collection, and it was the first opera I listened to. The passion that the music holds was a revelation to me, the fact that music can draw tears over and over again. I'd put Sting on now and again for some light relief.


Giuseppe Verdi

It was performing the role of Violetta in La Traviata for Scottish Opera that really launched my operatic career. I adore the unsurpassed skill with which Verdi depicts drama with music. While I'm not a member of the School of Method Acting, both of my children were conceived while playing Violetta, a courtesan – another reason why the music is so dear to me.


David Soul

This was the first track that I found for myself without any help from my brother. Suddenly the lyrics of a song began to mean something to me, and I went to see David Soul in concert. This was the first moment that I wanted to be on stage myself. With David Soul.

• Claire Rutter and husband Stephen Gadd's Rutter & Gadd: Family Album is out now