Clubbing meets theatre at one of London’s most exclusive venues

Inside London’s only showclub: meet Ryan Bishti, the reigning king of London nightlife.

Theatre, aerial acts, dance, and DJ sets all combine on a night out here
Theatre, aerial acts, dance, and DJ sets all combine on a night out here

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the doors of London’s only showclub? One of the most exclusive venues in London, The London Reign is a club like no other. Focussing on opulence, style, and glamour Ryan Bishti has created a scene that caters to the trendiest guests in the capital. Keep an eye out for celebrities in this venue as it’s a popular location for spotting famous stars of the moment.

What’s the ethos of The London Reign?

Setting The London Reign apart from other nightclubs is its focus on opulence and sensuality. It aspires to take its guests on a ‘journey of indulgence and escapism’, transporting them into a world of seductive performance and glamour.

The London Reign gains its title as London’s only showclub because it combines theatre, aerial acts, dance, and DJ sets.

Set next door to Piccadilly Circus, Bishti’s club embraces the artistic culture of its surroundings, in keeping with the area’s vibrant energy. Expect high-class performances, stylish outfits, and champagne bottles fizzing over.

Music at The London Reign

The history of The London Reign’s DJ sets is just as star-studded as the guests themselves. January saw a night hosted by Sean Paul, Tiesto played in February, and Tyga DJ-ed their 4th July event last year.

Previous artists include Tory Lanez, Afro B, Skepta, and Jason Derulo. With a busy post-Covid summer just around the corner, this makes the club’s future music potential very exciting.

Generally, the music policy at The London Reign is variable, interchanging between R&B, hip hop and house so there’s something for everyone.

What to expect behind the door…

Staging, balconies, glamour, lights, drama… expect the most a nightclub could offer. London’s partygoers want the best and Ryan Bishti can be relied on to deliver. Describing themselves as the ‘jewel in the Mayfair crown’, The London Reign brings theatre to clubbing.

Sometimes, aerial performers hang above the crowd and add an extra dimension to the space; on another night don’t be surprised to walk through the door and discover an impressive fire show: nothing is off-limits at The Reign. There are also VIP tables and booths that can be hired to guarantee the most exclusive night, drinking alongside the stars.

Ryan Bishti is passionate about immersive experiences in his venues so he interweaves the performers and guests, aiming to make his club-goers feel like they’re in another world.

What to wear?

The two keywords for the answer are: chic and style. The London Reign embodies opulence and fashion so if you want to stand out, wearing something high-end is definitely recommended. Think - Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi, and Dolce and Gabbana.

Despite the venue being a showclub with a sprinkle of seduction, there’s no need to dress for the theme, guests can wear what they wish and rely on the performers to deliver the salacious looks.