Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/01/2011

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Odds on having a little resistance to bar (4)

3 Give some shape to Standard in front of one’s boss, on paper (10)

10 Being able to circulate the air, manage to live in a tent (9)

11 It’s all tied up, we’re told in confidence (5)

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12 Controls the regulations governing Rugby Union before the French (5)

13 Strictly speaking, a rand replaces two pounds of books (8)

15 Sanctimonious little rascal promises to pay (7)

17 Although the wrong type of hard water, right in general (7)

19 In North America, I run at the front, in a blissful state (7)

21 Brought back to mind, yet again, so rattled it all off (7)

22 Rab got out with me to grow citrus fruit?(8)

24 Turner may find it hard to get inn at the last minute (5)

27 There’s nothing refined about being bad-mannered (5)

28 Support control by the police or Army (9)

29 Team had short time to develop heat control (10)

30 Study just a small section of the core advice (4)


1 One governs over the London area, like crowned heads (10)

2 Need to withdraw a new name, having to turn left (5)

4 Find the sooth-sayers heading off in small boats (7)

5 When on stream, management got round top conductor (7)

6 If behind schedule, run further down the road (5)

7 On a par with percentage shot at the crease (6,3)

8 Some had a term for a point in time (4)

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9 After getting help, over the odds, soldiers lead a wide dispersal (8)

14 Game master established an advanced position (10)

16 Both Hector and Harry agonise over badger (9)

18 Prepare a fact-file on cosmetic surgery (4-4)

20 Appreciates an old mark before it smudges (7)

21 It’s about time Sweden took in a flavoured drink (7)

23 Brief allure included the last flash of light (5)

25 Things were short and sweet at some old quarter-sessions (5)

26 Small firm had little time to pay old tax (4)