Under the Radar: Brewband

Australian-born dancer and choreographer Marc Brew was appointed associate director of the Scottish Dance Theatre in 2009 and since then has built strong ties with Scotland's music community, adding Brewband to his long list of projects. Set to perform a series of dates between 19 and 28 October, including a performance at the Spree Festival in Paisley, it teams Scottish indie stalwarts including Emma Pollock, Graeme Smillie, Jill O'Sullivan and Peter Kelly with a cast of dancers.

Brew describes it as “visceral rock music with delicate soundscapes” and the production has a strong focus on accessibility, offering audio description and sign language, as well as a touch tour before the show begins. If the first recording, She, Carina, is anything to go by, expect great things from the gigs and any future releases. www.marcbrew.com/productions/brewband/

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