Under the Radar: The Broken Ravens

We've had The Broken Ravens on our radar for some time and in July were witness to them prompting an outbreak of multi-generational moshing in the Stornoway Golf Club clubhouse.
The Broken RavensThe Broken Ravens
The Broken Ravens

Veering between stoner rock, vintage Black Sabbath and upbeat grunge, the band keep alive the spirit of Soundgarden and the few decent songs Pearl Jam recorded. Based on the Isle of Lewis, The Broken Ravens recently had the track My Shrine featured in Stage Surfers on the Team Rock online gaming platform and next week jet off to Los Angeles for gigs. In February they are due to release a five-song EP, but have given Under The Radar an exclusive preview of the video for title track Calling Of The Hounds. The Broken Ravens provide an excellent fix of no-nonsense rock. We recommend turning the volume up to eleven. Listen at https://youtu.be/XzMDLsWKFy8

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