Under the Radar: The Motion Poets

Usually when we hear that a band has formed on a music course it brings to mind jazz-funk noodlers or formulaic, Glee-like horrors. Fortunately The Motion Poets '“ four students at Edinburgh Napier University '“ are the exception that proves the rule.
The Motion PoetsThe Motion Poets
The Motion Poets

Professing a shared penchant for gig-going, discount beer-drinking and decorating their Edinburgh flat with street furniture, they apply their musical abilities to honing well-crafted rock, picking the good bits from the heavy guitars of the Seventies, Eighties grunge, Nineties Britpop and Noughties indie. New single One Too Many, released on Friday, demonstrates that they are certainly moving in the right direction. Listen here: http://bit.ly/2TMPUTR. The Motion Poets play Edinburgh’s Opium on 17 May and Glasgow’s Broadcast on 23 June.

*Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon run the Born To Be Wide music industry events and seminars, www.borntobewide.co.uk

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