Celtic coach Kolo Toure gets into Twitter war with Piers Morgan

A Twitter account purporting to belong to Kolo Toure has spent the morning of the Betfred Cup final getting into an online spat with Piers Morgan.
Celtic coach Kolo Toure. Picture: GettyCeltic coach Kolo Toure. Picture: Getty
Celtic coach Kolo Toure. Picture: Getty
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Seemingly the Celtic coach reacted to a post by Morgan, where the media personality told German footballer Toni Kroos to stay out of an argument involving singers James Blunt and Olly Murs, by telling the former News of the World editor to “shut the **** up”.

Toure reiterated his instruction after Morgan wrote back: “I’d be this angry too if my younger brother was better at football than me.”

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When Morgan again responded, asking Toure if he’d been overdoing “diet” pills, Toure wrote: “Fix your face. Get you some botox before talking to Kolo Touré.”

Toure then just wrote “L”, presumably short for ‘loser’, after Morgan derided his defending.

Some have wondered whether this is the real Kolo Toure or an impersonator, but the account has over 200,000 followers and has posted selfies of the former Ivory Coast international in the past.