The Barras: Dare you enter Randall's Antiques this Halloween

Meet Andrew Randall, manager of Randalls Antique And Vintage Centre – The Creepy Doll Guy

Andy Randall is the manager of Randalls Antique And Vintage Centre at Glasgow's Barras Market. He took over the running of the institution a few years ago, his mother had previously been at the helm for 30 years. Keen to make changes to the centre and bring in new traders and customers alike, Andy hit on the rather unique idea of using his artistic ideas to drum up a larger footfall. He started to dabble with antique stock, putting mannequin arms on old chairs and watching the reaction from the public. He quickly realised he had hit on something and began creating more eye catching pieces.

Soon visitors to the world famous Barras where taking photos and uploading them to Facebook and Instagram and news spread across social media. So far so good, Then lockdown happened. Lockdown allowed him to devote himself to conjuring up even more imaginative pieces. The self confessed horror movie fan let his imagination run riot in wanton acts of "Randalism". Andy would take dolls and recycle them in the most darkly creative ways. Having now hit a rich vein of creativity, Andy unleashed an unstoppable army of the grotesque on a conveyor belt of horror. He then hatched the plan to bring his creations together in a vacant room at the back of the centre. And thus the “Wains Room" was given life.

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Mr Randall, also known as The Creepy Doll Guy, tells of how the footfall in the centre has increased with visitors coming from as far as England to be entertained by the macabre.

Randalls Antique And Vintage Centre at Glasgow's Barras Market.

From watching visitors' reactions, he notes that his work is often more popular with young women and girls.

Andy says "You have to be brave to put your art out there, Scottish people take no prisoners" and that his work has been well received with fellow traders. On taking some of the negative feedback on the chin he says. "You can find a needle to an anchor in the Barras but definitely no sympathy"